​Assembly fails

A project log for Latskap

A semi-automatic liquor cabinet

Elias BakkenElias Bakken 08/12/2017 at 11:450 Comments

Some pretty stupid mistakes has been discovered so far with the assembly of version 1. 

- Motor mounting holes on right side inverted

- Manga Screen upside down

- Missing back plate and spacers

- Nordic triangles should be added to outer plates for the side walls, to add registration geometry

- Use M6x30 instead of M6x20

- Slots for roof and floor are too tight at 8.1 mm for 8 mm plates

- Use ledges for the acrylic in the floor, also add pocket for Neopixel. 

- The roof should be held in place by magnets

- The front should be held in place with magnets

- Make pockets for the End stops and add M3 nordic triangles for them. 

- Small gear keeps breaking! Works fine to create them with Aluminium

- Remember to add a channel for the motor cables

- Add a channel to the aluminum for the HDMI and USB cables. 

- The front cover needs more space than 6 mm