GUI Support Complete

A project log for TinyFPGA Programmer

A dirt cheap open hardware USB-JTAG board designed to program TinyFPGA A1 and A2 boards.

Luke ValentyLuke Valenty 09/11/2017 at 06:190 Comments

Support for the #TinyFPGA A-Series is complete in the TinyFPGA Programmer Application.  

Now when you launch the GUI the port selector will also tell you whether it is an A-series board or a B-series board.  As TinyFPGA boards are connected or disconnected, the list will automatically update.

While a particular port is selected for either type of TinyFPGA board the programmer will continuously test the connection to the board.  If the programmer is disconnected from the board, the board lost power, or the USB cable was disconnected, it will let you know.

Just as the #TinyFPGA B-Series boards will have a progress bar for programming, the #TinyFPGA A-Series do as well.  As the configuration flash is erased, written, and verified, you will know at every step of the way.

Programming speed is just as fast as it has been during development of the Python driver.  This means small images take about 3 seconds and large images will take up to 12 seconds.  This is faster than the Diamond Programmer and Lattice Download Cable.

Delivery of the production PCBs is estimated to be September 12th.  I have a few PIC16F1455 chips I may use to assemble some boards and give them a spin.