Z-Uno Shield — extension board to your Z-Uno

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Poltorak SergueiPoltorak Serguei 04/15/2019 at 07:040 Comments

For those who don't really have time to solder or program we have created the Z-Uno Shield.

The Z-Uno Shield makes wiring very easy: terminal strips allows easy connection. It contains a 12V/24V (in fact 10-28V) power supply, real 0-10V analog output, four open collector PWM outputs to directly drive an RGBW LED strip or contactor relays, MAX485 for RS485 bus, a connector for OneWire and four voltage dividers for 0-12V/0-5V/0-3V analog inputs (configured using jumpers).

For those who still like to solder, there is a tiny breadboard on the Shield!

Z-Uno Shield fits perfectly three types of cases:

All this allows very comfortable usage of your Z-Uno.

But what about programming? You can of course program your Z-Uno in the Arduino language a before, but for busy (lazy) people we have created a Z-Uno Shield Configurator that allows to generate the full sketch based on the peripherals you define. You can of course still add you own hacks to the generated code!

More info on the Z-Uno project web site.