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A project log for VR Camera: FPGA Stereoscopic 3D 360 Camera

Building a camera for 360-degree, stereoscopic 3D photos.

Colin PateColin Pate 07/14/2018 at 20:550 Comments

It's been a while since I've updated this project, and I have to admit my progress has slowed down a bit, but I'm far from done working on the 360 camera. I've spent most of my time recently pondering how to create a new camera that will be able to not only capture 360 video, but stitch it together in real time. This is obviously a massive increase in difficulty from the current state of the camera, where the FPGA really doesn't do much work, it just writes the images to the DDR3 and they are read by the ARM processor which stores them on a MicroSD card and then my PC does the stitching.

There are 3 main components that I need to figure out for real-time stitched 360 3D video.

At this point, the video camera is 99% vaporware, but I've been making some progress lately on the stitching side so I figured it was time to make a project log. I've created a 16x16 block matching core that worked pretty well in simulation, as well as a fast debayering core and I'm working on memory-efficient remapping. I'll keep posting here for the near future but if/when the ball really gets rolling I will create a new project page and link to it from here. I plan to dip my toe into the water by trying first to build with 2 or 3 cameras, and if that works well, I'll move to full 360 like I did with the original camera. If anyone has any suggestions for components, relevant projects, or research to look at, I would love to hear from you.