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A project log for RiseUp! System: Wheelchair Pressure Relief Monitor

System which allows individuals to gauge how well they are performing crucial pressure relief exercises in their wheelchairs.

drewmandrewman 09/01/2017 at 22:180 Comments

Some future plans:

-Incorporate 3 FSR's (Larger ones). Currently one small one is placed in the rear portion of the chair.  The plan is to place 2 more on the left and right area of the seat cushion. The picture in the gallery shows the position of where they will be placed.

-Audible feedback with a speaker attached to the Arduino was ruled out. Most wheelchair users I consulted wanted the system to be as discreet as possible, and audible feedback would be distracting. LED's seemed to be a good compromise.

-Potentially incorporating bluetooth to interface with an app. The app would send out live data and reminders via push notifications. Would also keep a log of daily pressure relief exercises to monitor how well and how often they are doing them.  This seemed to be an attractive feature many wheelchair users I spoke to wanted. Notifications would be as discreet as possible.