Too many LED, lets add a driver!

A project log for Magic Frame : Turn Everything into a Touch Area

Build your own touch screen solution adapted on your TV by using some CIS or CCD sensors from old scanners

jean.perardeljean.perardel 10/15/2017 at 11:110 Comments

I am currently working on a new frame to make the project more adaptable. As I don't want to have too many wires to solder on my Teensy board. It's probably now time to move to LED drivers. 

Several years ago, as I was building some LED Cubes, I used to play a lot with STP16CP05 a lot. 

Those driver are very easy to use and program. Moreover, they can drive 16 outputs and you can add as many STP as you want in serial (exactly like the WS2812 RGB LED system). 

To make it work, 

You can find a test code on the GIT of the project.