Building Stars

A project log for StAR CatchER VR

Star Catcher, a cooperative physical game. meteor showers in LED/VR . Players move around the universe catching falling .

mpinnermpinner 10/03/2017 at 04:010 Comments

We wanted to create a sense of awe and wonder like looking up at a night sky filled with stars. This made for some obvious challenges. 

How do we build a lot of falling stars? 

How far could they fall? 

How do people know when one is falling and where?

  Our initial idea involved warm white addressable leds and a ping pong ball. This made for a nice animation of falling and showed a pretty distinct star at the end. After a bit of turnign with the speeds and colors we were able to sync this up with a video projection in unity.

The virtual world also needed a design for stars. We found a few nice Unity assets and started building particle effects in PopcornFX