2. Distribution plate

A project log for Automated Cigarette Non-Dispenser

A timed cigarette dispenser based on a hacked egg timer

julio perezjulio perez 09/07/2017 at 12:300 Comments

I finished assembling the distribution part.:

1. Mechanical Timer
2. Distribution plate
3. Cigarette lodging
4. Pusher
5. Trigger
6. Switch
7. Peaucellier actuator
8. Peaucellier
9. Cradle
10. Actuator of the lock

Unlocking mechanism, seen from below:

11. Bolt
12. Hook
13. Follower
14. Toggles

I made some changes since last update: The Peaucellier is now fixed on the sides of the shaft to reduce the risk of blockage.

As the actuator descended on the trigger, the cradle was raising slightly. To avoid that, I added a spring.

 ===== Description of the operation =====

The machine delivers 3 cigarettes, then unlocks.

The timer makes the distribution plate move back and forth.

When it is winded up:

The pusher raises the actuator by stretching a spring. The cradle goes down to the bottom of the box.

At the end of the course: The trigger tilts and locks the actuator in the cocked position. A cigarette falls from the tank into the housing.

When the timer is running:

The distribution plate moves one centimeter per hour. The pusher goes down.

At the end of the course, 5 hours later: The cigarette falls from the housing and rolls into the cradle. The plate continues its travel and pushes the trigger, which releases the actuator and raises the cradle, ejecting the cigarette.

In the unlocking system, it is the cigarette that serves as the follower's cam.

If the housing is empty, the follower falls into it and the claw carries it out to unlock the box. It must be reliable, the slightest failure would have disastrous consequences!

- If the box is empty but doesn't unlock, I would have to break it although I promised myself not to.

- If the cigarettes don't flow properly, the box unlocks while it is still full.

In short, reliable or nothing.