It all starts with a Dev Board

A project log for Torrus - One VR Controller to rule them all

Torrus adds interaction to your VR experiences. It contains a trackpad and a 9DOF IMU. Easily create extensions for Torrus !

Jules ThuillierJules Thuillier 09/13/2017 at 01:130 Comments

I finally got the nRF52840 DK, received the Trackpad dev kits and modified my MPU0250 breakout board so it fits with the nRF52DK. 

Yes, it looks like ... a dev board ! But at least we can get started quickly and start validating the components, test them, try the algorithms, and start developing the software. So far I had good results with the Trackpad, the Bluetooth communication, and the IMU starts giving results but the hardest remains its calibration and saving the calibration parameters over a reboot... More headaches ahead...