Welding outer frame walls

A project log for Suburu Forester Rooftop camper

The goal is to build a hard shelled sleeping unit for the roof of my suburu forester.

nullnull 10/03/2017 at 08:050 Comments

Over the weekend I got a chance to weld the frame for the sides.

The final I decided on was 740mm with 340mm for the front.

I'm definitely improving my welding. I think I've got a kink in my mig wire feed liner.

If anyone knows how to change the liner in a Italico mig 200 let me know.

I loosely assembled the frame to see how I did with symmetry and squareness.

Verdict, Not too bad. It is not 100% however but I don't know why I would need low tolerances as I'm designing everything to fit as I go.

(The right side looks on like it is on an angle in the photo because the bottom bolts are loose.)

I gave it a quick splash of paint to protect the welds, I thought I might as well coat the whole thing but I started running out of paint so I'm going to save it for new welds.

The next step is to weld the top flanges and bolt in the top struts

However after that I need to choose what the best thing to do is.