The DSP board presented here is a minimal evaluation but fully functional platform for ADAU144x family of SigmaDSP ICs. It was build with the idea of a powerful audio DSP platform for home use and also for an integrated car entertainment system.

The PCB is conceived in 4 layers but with dimensions just under 5 x 5 cm to be cheap on production. All parts are SMD but can be soldered easily with a simple soldering iron.

The board has six pin headers used as inputs, outputs, programming and GPIO. 
The two input headers can accommodate up to 24 channels in TDM mode or 4 channels in I2S.
The two output headers can also be used for up to 24 channels in TDM mode or 4 channels in I2S. 

Both the input and output channels are configured in master mode with the current board providing the MCLK, BCLK and LRCLK.

One programming header allows external programming of the I2C EEPROM, real-time control from an external uC or from USBi programmer through SigmaStudio software.

The GPIO pin header has 4 ADC channels plus 2 dedicated GPIOs that can be used for analog external control.

The maximum supply voltage is 15V.