How to build RC Car with the esp8266.

At the beginning my story I would like to say, that this was my first time to IOT topic. I'm a complete beginner, but one thing I have is the desire to known new technologies.

A month ago my colleague make presentation about #esp8266 and I was impressed this small board. So I decided that I would like to known more about #esp8266 and similar stuff.

I use Micropython ( it is a firmware for the #esp8266 boards.

At the beginning I don't underestand how it works, but I have read a lot of webpages and articles about it. The first success when I could turn on and turn off Led :) Next I bought distance sensor, temperature and humidity sensor....

Next I bought the engine but I didn't know nothing about. So I bought two engines SG90. Unfortunately turned out, that it is only the servo engine :(

Afterwards I was reading about engines and I bought two engines and motor shield (L298N)

Together with my son (7years old) we used old lego car body and double sided tape :)

In effect ?

Then we used the battery 9V to power the motor.

Putting all together:

When it comes to steering and turning sideways I used trick. For example if I wanted turn left I used left engine 30% power and right engine 80-100% power.

Next I connected red LED and two light green LED on the front of car

Everything works fine in python console.

For instance, when I wanted to run I typed ** E.forward() ** when I wanted to stop car I had to type ** E.stop(). **

Python code is on my github: 

Afterwards I wrote wifi connection to my mobile phone, simple webserwer and web application to steering a car.

Putting all together:

To sum up.

It was a great time with my son, we made a simple car with the steering by mobile phone or any devices with the use of WIFI