Weekly Update 12/4-12/8

A project log for Solar Trackers for Microgrids

Incorporate solar trackers in Microgrids to increase energy production.

Pranit Nadipelli 5 days ago0 Comments

The Solar Panel, Solar Charge Controller, Deep Cycle Batter, Luminosity Sensor, and GPS shield are all in. Right now I need to calculate the degrees of freedom to figure out where to place my light sensors. This allows for the light sensors to capture the full area of the tracker's range and adds to its active tracking functionality. I am also exploring the basic mechanics of pan and tilt models for my dual axis tracker. I will need powerful motors, but the gearing will be much more important. In addition to that, I will be using T-slotted frames to move the solar panel which ways ten pounds. The 80/20s will be mounted along the solar panel's COM. I might explore cantilever structures if the tilting aspect of the panel might be easier.