3D printed cute barometer

A 3D printed design of a classical membrane barometer

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An intelligent flange design for mounting the membrane and using a jar as a constant pressure tank.


   One day I was talking to a colleague of mine and we realized that when we drink to much coffee in the morning and the atmospheric pressure is too low, the chances that we get a higher blood pressure are dramatically increasing. This is also true for those who suffer from heart diseases. I wondered if I could 3D print a relative pressure barometer that could show at least pressure differences around the average pressure.


    So after a simple discussion, I felt I was challenged to build something like this so I came up with this simple and cute design. 

The stl files can be downloaded from:

  • 6 × m3 x 10 metric bolt
  • 6 × m3 nut
  • 12 × m3 washer
  • 6 × m3 lock washer
  • 1 × PLA plastic 41g

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  • 1
    Resolution and air tightness

    Print all the pieces with 0.2 resolution or lower (Printing them with 0.3 might leave some gaps between the layers and filaments and the membrane enclosure needs to be air tight. If you have a low quality printer, it could be helpful to increase the Extrusion multiplier factor to 1.1 or something like that)

  • 2
    Perforate the lower half

    Make a hole into the center of the “Barometer lower half” of the enclosure after printing. It was left un-perforated because it prints better this way.

  • 3
    Jar lid

    Find a small jar (between 200cl and 400cl) that has its own sealing cap. Make a hole into the cap large enough for the lower half tube of the printed enclosure to pass through

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Gregy wrote 01/25/2019 at 20:17 point

Hi there are some issues with your design.

how about temperature changement?

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