Web Update 2 - 12/4/17

A project log for Lacrosse Impact Alert Helmet

Modifying a lacrosse helmet to alert the sideline trainer if a player's head received a large impact and should be checked for a concussion.

Eddie RollEddie Roll 12/05/2017 at 02:260 Comments

Since the last web update, I have completed several important steps for my project. First, I finished finding and submitted all of the items I will be purchasing, and only wait on my helmet and battery charger to arrive. Next, because I already had the micro-controller and sensors I was able to start programming. I am almost finished with all of the programming, I currently have the data from 2 accelerometer sensors being averaged out and sent over to my phone through the Adafruit Bluefruit LE app using the UART mode. The acceleration data comes in as X, Y, and Z directions. The final thing will be having the data only print if the acceleration crosses a certain threshold value. All that will be left following the programing will be the design and implementation of a casing to hold the sensor, micro-controller, and battery which will be attached to the helmet.