The first release is coming!

A project log for Motion Capture system that you can build yourself

An open hardware-software framework based on inertial sensors that anyone can use to build a human motion capture system.

Bruno LaurencichBruno Laurencich 05/25/2018 at 17:320 Comments

In the last months we were working hard to achieve the stability in the capture required in any real world scenario, and to be honest the results are not bad at all. So it’s time now to stop with this “improving stability” direction and focus on making the minimal interface changes in order to release it.
We kept it to ourselves all this time because we felt like there was no sense in publishing a shaky, or hardly usable system. But at this point it would be great to have other hands rather than ours using and testing it, finding bugs or imagining a better user experience.

So, we set august 2018 as a first release date. Looking forward to it!


In the meantime we’ve been showcasing in a couple of places:

Mmkm STUDIO @ Open House Roma.

The friends of mmkm studio invited us to present a little performance with dance, music, and live-generated visuals. It was the first time we used the Chordata suit for what it was originally conceived for.. Three years ago!

But it was also the first time the suit was used on a real “stage” in front of other people, having to deliver correct results during a definite period of time, and it went pretty well. This was the kind of proof we needed to convince ourselves that the little bird is ready to leave the nest.

Hope you like it:

For this presentation, and most of the time we are using a 3D model by AlexanderLee,  thanks Alexander for sharing it!

Codemotion Rome:

This is one of the most important programmers conference in Europe. It was great to be able to share the guts of the software implementation with so many people, we got tons of interesting opinions and advices.

We would like to thank Ugo Laurenti and Sara Di Bartolomeo for been there helping out with the stand, and also Flavia Laurencich and Juancho Casañas for the support.

Thanks a lot!