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A project log for Motion Capture system that you can build yourself

An open hardware-software framework based on inertial sensors that anyone can use to build a human motion capture system.

Bruno LaurencichBruno Laurencich 08/14/2018 at 18:270 Comments

Today we've launched a new video explaining all the features of Chordata, the Open Source motion capture system that you can build yourself. Make sure to check it out in our YouTube page and give it a like.

We’ve also launched our new website, which features links to all of our social networks. With all of these tools, you’ll now be able to follow the evolution of Chordata without missing a single step of the process.

We hope you enjoy them!

All this couldn’t been possible without the work of our new team members, Juancho and Flavia, who are helping out with communications and social media.

If you want to give a little help to the project, is as easy as giving it a like here on hackaday, which will help us to stand out on the Human-Computer Interface round, in the current edition of the Hackaday price.