LoThings A3

sending messages from phone to LoRaWAN gateway and analyzing quality of sending

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The board Lothings A3 is based on RN2483 + HC06.
It could be used for sending messages from any Bluetooth devices(in our case we use Android phone) to LoraWAN and vise versa and analyzing the parameters of transmitting/receiving messages form client/server side and as the result to estimate the quality of covering your LoraWAN.
Also it has the following features:
-setup parameters of sending (power, SF, Ack flag,up/down message counter, port)
-send messages
-update firmware as a result customize software of board for user purposes
For convenience purposes all this action could be done by using Android application that has the following features:
-set/get the current power,SF,Ack flag,port
-set/get the current DevAdr, AppSKey, NetSKey for ABP mode
-set/get the current DevEui, AppKey, AppEui for OTA mode
-send message(user input or gps coordinates of phone)
-update current version
-connect to server mqtt bus and get RSSI,SNR

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