Laptop Application in the Pipeline

A project log for CarbOnBal

Arduino based carburetor and throttle body balancer / synchronizer

dennisdennis 06/07/2018 at 18:310 Comments

I couldn't resist and after a bit of kicking around I decided to build my own graphical app for the laptop. Its written in Java and should run on Mac, Linux and Windows.

This allows me to simulate an attached engine for easy and faster debugging. It also has the added advantage of not waking up, or gassing, the neighbors kids.

What it also does is provide lots of cool new ways to visualize and save the data coming out of CarbOnBal. In the first prototype version I have Bar graphs, a running plot and four gauges, which pretty much covers the ways we all used to balance our carburetors, for nostalgia's sake!

Right now its clunky and probably broken in more ways I'd care to count but ts a start and I figure it will be a great addition, especially for those looking to balance 6 carbs.

The software lives in its own location:

Right now its pre-alpha so you're on your own! I'll let you know when it becomes usable.