Mazinger Z (Tranzor Z)

What is Mazinger Z you ask? Mazinger Z is a powerful, 20 meter tall, flying single pilot mech/robot.

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Mazinger Z (in English it's Tranzor Z) is a giant (20m tall) mech that can shoot photon beams, fly (with the help of the jet scrander), fire intensely concentrated beams of heat, and more!!! So, since I have never seen anyone really ever even attempt to make it, so I'll make it. So come join me on an "adventure" as I (and my team) make something so powerful, whoever wields it can "become a god or a devil" (from Juzo Kabuto). This is a 100% serious project.

Mazinger Z is a Japanese anime/manga/movie/awesome toy lines. Mazinger Z is a giant 20 meter tall mech. This mech can shoot beams of intense heat, shoot photon beams, shoot its forearms w/ fists (rocket punch), shoot an ice beam, and release large amounts of compressed air (in that air there are corrosive chemicals) called a rust hurricane, fly, and more. Now, I am ware that this seems impossible, but it really is not. Well, the flying bit may be extremely difficult to "figure out" but its possible.

Mazinger Z is controlled by the hover pilder or the jet pilder (after the hover pilder was destroyed, the jet pilder was used). Pilders are vehicles that serve as command centers for giant robots. Most of the time, they are aircrafts such as the Mazinger Z's Hover Pilder, but other kinds of vehicles can also serve as pilders such as motorcycles (like the Scarlet Mobile of Diana A) or even submarines (such as the Marine Submarine of the Mazinger Angels Diana A). Besides their abilities as command centers, they are often armed with weapons such as missiles and lasers.

(Credit to Wikia for information on the Pilders)

Mazinger's full list of attacks/weapons are:

  • Koshiryouku Beam:  Mazinger Z can fire photons in a the form of a laser through its eyes. This move is not very strong, and is usually used to get enemies attention, get them off the Mazinger, or take out projectiles. (In alternate versions (as in different shows/reboots, this attack is very powerful)
Photon Beam (Stronger (not strongest) version)
  • Rocket Punch: Mazinger Z's signature move, firing its arm through the air powered by rockets smashing everything in it's path. Its direction can be controlled in flight to either return the fist to Mazinger, or do more damage through a rocket on its finger. Both fists can be launched either simultaneously, or individually as the pilot deems necessary.
Rocket Punch
  • Daisharin Rocket Punch: Mazinger Z spins its arms rapidly and builds up momentum before firing off both fists in standard Rocket Punch fashion.
  • Iron Cutter: an improved Rocket Punch designed by Dr. Morimori in which the forearm deploys a pair of razor-sharp axe-like blades, allowing it to cut and slash as well as bludgeon. This is the only physical weapon in Mazinger Z's arsenal which can damage Super Alloy Z.
  • Reinforced Rocket Punch: It's basically the Rocket Punch, but it's reinforced with stronger armor.
  • Missile Punch: Mazinger Z mounts a missile launch bay in its belly, which can store several missiles. The missile fired has a force of 100 tons of TNT.
  • Rust Hurricane: Acid/corrosive material mixed with compressed air is propelled from his mouth, instantly corroding the metals enemy robots are made of. It apparently can even corrode Super Alloy Z.
Rust Hurricane
  • Breast Fire: Firing an extremely intense beam of concentrated heat (30,000 degrees Celsius) from the chest heat sinks , Mazinger Z can literally melt/vaporize enemies. Its power can be focused for even more intense heat. It also melts off the paint job.
Breast Fire
  • Drill Missile: A barrage of small, needle-like missiles fired from ports in Mazinger's upper arms. This attack was typically performed after the Rocket Punch was launched, but before the forearm(s) had returned to dock back with Mazinger. However a mechanism permits to partially detach the forearms to fire the Drill Missiles without the need to perform the Rocket Punch.
  • Reito Beam: Mazinger unleashes a blast of intense cold of -180 degrees Celsius that is capable of freezing even flames; this attack was alternately fired from the mouth grill or the spikes on the sides of Mazinger's head.
Reito Beam
  • Finger Missile: A rarely-used attack where Mazinger fires the last joint of its fingers as miniature missiles.
  • Mazin Power: A power-up move that amplifies the Mazinger's power output.
  • Mazinger Boomerang: A tactic where Mazinger removes the heat sinks from its' chest, connects it and flings it at the enemy. This attack...
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  • Research #1 - Possible Metal/Alloy for construction of Mazinger Z

    secretjedi0310/18/2017 at 12:49 0 comments

    gmSo, I've narrowed down the already existing metal alloys which could be used to build Mazinger Z. The possible alloys I have chosen are, Depleted Uranium Alloy, Magnesium, New Magnesium based alloy, Scandium and/or Nitinol (Nickel Titanium). However, one day I shall intent to create a material as strong as Super Alloy Z. Here are some images of what the alloys look like and what they are used for:

    Nitinol (Nickel Titanium):

    Super-Elastic needle

    Super-Elastic needle

    Scandium (Lightweight and has a very high melting point):


    Image result for magnesium
    Image result for aircraft engine
    Aircraft Engine

    Depleted Uranium Alloy:

    Image result for depleted uranium alloy

    DU penetrator from the PGU-14/B incendiary 30mm round
    U.S. Tank
    New Magnesium based alloy, (light as lithium, strong as titanium)(it has an exceptional strength and is extremely lightweight is made of 86% of magnesium, and 14% of silicon carbide particles):

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Yvan256 wrote 11/29/2017 at 14:29 point

So.... basically you're a Bitcoin trillionaire? If possible, this would cost a few hundred millions.

Goldorak, go!

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secretjedi03 wrote 11/29/2017 at 23:00 point

Hi, thank you for checking out my project! Right now my team and I are still working out the math. We can't even start a prototype (of anything) until we have worked out everything, much less the actual thing. Also, we don't truly need any funding until all the math is 100% done. And yes, it would cost a few hundred millions, even billions. Also, this is mazinger, not goldorak (grendizer). Also, yes this is definitely possible. Also, have a good day!

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