LIFE+: The Human Performance Monitoring Band

An open-source performance monitoring device.

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LIFE+ aims to be a simple solution to the human health dilemma.

This performance band will communicate with the user using an RGB LED and a vibration motor. This simple led will change colors based on the performance and current health of the user. The band will have a modular design, allowing users to have certain features depending on their needs.

Your performance state will be determined via a set of onboard sensors and determined on your mobile device using Machine Learning algorithms and several medical samples and databases.

The LIFE+ band is primarily focused on privacy, all of your personal biometric data will be stored offline on your mobile device, where it can then be transferred and stored long-term on your PC.

The ultimate goal of LIFE+ is to provide the world with a low-cost and easily accessible device capable of acting as an early warning system and be used in telemedicine.

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