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A project log for Hacking the Bike Light

Adding the necessary to the extremely economical illumination

JarrettJarrett 11/21/2017 at 00:010 Comments

When I bought these bike lights in August, there was only one or two vendors selling them, and they were all the same item.

I've added that first AliExpress link to the components section.

True to AliExpress form, this product has propagated through a bunch of different stores, with minor permutations. It's awesome! Three months later, there's a ton of variation.

So for less than $10, and in some cases less than $4, you can get a whole mess of different paper cover styles, different mounting styles, and probably different LED colours.

Any combination of the word "32 LED Bike Spoke Light" or similar will yield results.

I would suspect that the PCB is identical, but I'd love to get some confirmation! I'd also love to get other people playing along at home - This product is neat and well worth the pocket change, even without a customisable add-on board.

The different mounting styles are the most surprising part of this. That seems like a lot of engineering talent to develop these mounting brackets for what otherwise seems to be a copied style. Here is a selection:

So I'm extra curious to see what the PCB differences are, if any.