Sharing of configurations

A project log for Modular Gamepad: swappable controls, any console

A video game controller that allows you to swap control modules (analog sticks, buttons, D-pads, knobs, etc.) and works with any console

PointyOintmentPointyOintment 08/24/2014 at 08:010 Comments

I just had another idea (though I think it was somewhere in my mind a week or two ago). Users should be able to share their configurations via the Internet somehow. The shares should, I think, include the mapping of control inputs to signals sent to the game as well as a diagram of how to set up the hardware modules. Users who use shared configurations will, of course, be able to adjust them to their liking. The obvious ways are a central database of configurations, somewhat like what Thingiverse does for makeable things, and direct person-to-person or postable sharing via text (e.g. JSON) import/export. Thoughts?