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KibitechKibitech 12/03/2017 at 00:580 Comments

Hi Guys, this is the second video about Kibitech advance, in this video I show the bidirectional communication over NRF24L01P modules with Arduino, then of this successful test, we goes to work in Raspberry - Arduino communication, our goal is to have the "Toggle LED" or "Hello World" with this testings.

The next week Jon our electronic engineer will go to working in PCB design for prototype version, initially we think  to start for hands, but we want to make a solid "nervous system" before than a one function system.

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Kospr Lib | Two Arduino nodes interaction, the first send to sencond a char array of 3 positions with values ['N','C','D'] and the second node receive It and response intantly with other char array of 3 positions with values ['N','D','S'].