Compressor Bleed Valve

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ESP8266 Based air compressor controller with WiFi.

Boris van GalvinBoris van Galvin 01/22/2018 at 23:400 Comments

After watching a recent video on compressors I found that there is a one way valve on my one between the compressor and the tank, this reduces the chance that pressure will appear in the head of the compressor. In commercial compressors the feed line between the compressor and the tank has a valve that once the original mechanical switch kicks in dumps the air out of the feed line so the next time the compressor starts pumping it is not trying to compress air that is already compressed.

I have just ordered in a small air solenoid that I will look at installing in the line so once the compressor has  reached the desired pressure it will open and remove the pressure from the feed line between the compressor head and the tank.