MicroPython: WeMos and Amazon Echo (Alexa)

Emulated Belkin WeMo device that works with Amazon Echo using MicroPython and ESP32

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This project is based on makermusings/fauxmo repository. The python code was ported to work on MicroPython on a ESP32. This code emulates one or more Belkin WEMO type devices in software, and allows you to control them using an Amazon Echo. The code was tested on a ESP32 (WeMos board).

You do not need to use AWS Lambda or ngrok or open a port on your router. Amazon Echo searches for Belkin WEMO devices on the local network and using this code the WeMos board responds to the search request. Using this code running on a WeMos board (ESP32) you can control the colors of a WS2812b LED strip using your voice.

I don’t have any Belkin WeMo system or Philips Hue light bulbs. However, I have two ESP32 running MicroPython (see my last article), and a W2812b LED strip, and I thought I should be able to say, "Echo/Alexa, turn on the kitchen light" or "Echo/Alexa, turn on the blue light" and It should work with this setup.

And... it works as you can see in this video!

You need the following Hardware & Software components:

WeMos Board WeMos Board x 1 buy  
INR18650 INR18650 3.7v Battery x1 buy buy
WS2812b WS2812B LED Strip x1 buy buy buy
Python uPyEcho get the code!
Python WS2812b get the code!

A complete description of the Project can be found here.


March 4, 2018: minor error corrections & added compatibility to all versions of Amazon Echo. 

Issues and feature requests

Please use the issues section to file any bugs or feature requests.

  • 1
    Read the MicroPython Tutorial

    Read the blog article: #Micropython: Getting Started! and install MicroPython on the WeMos board.

  • 2
    Get the code!

    Download the repository: uPyEcho.

  • 3
    Modify the following lines in the ''
    ssid_ = your ssid
    wp2_pass = your wpa2 password

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