A New Mission and a Big Dream

A project log for Bennett's Remember-It-All

Spheres that convert color to musical notes and vice versa.

maker.stratemaker.strate 08/21/2014 at 05:070 Comments

I learned two important things from the visit.

1. Projects are so much more fun when they’re shared. The children’s enthusiasm was contagious and inspiring. I left with so many ideas swimming around in my head that I needed a few days just to collect my thoughts together and differentiate the “possible now” from the “possible someday”. Of course, nothing is impossible.

2. The color sensor is not crayon proof. The colors get wonky once the sensor has been coated with a thin film of colored wax.

Initially, I wanted to give Bennett a fun tool he could use to help him remember color. Now I see the potential to help him explore and experience far away lands and cultures. We could give the device to people all around world. They could use it to create, record and share the colors of the world around them. Imagine the endless palettes of color and sound. What do the colors of the rainforest sound like? Or the desert? How about the oceans?