Structure Progress

A project log for Portrait Plotter

An interactive installation that takes your photo and paints it on paper.

christian-waltherChristian Walther 04/28/2018 at 21:090 Comments

This week I signed up as an exhibitor for Maker Faire Bodensee, with the portrait plotter as my main exhibit. There is not a lot of time remaining until June 2nd/3rd, but I hope to get a somewhat more permanent mechanical structure done by then. The goal is to build something that can stand on its own, but is lightweight and easily disassembled into pieces of about 1 meter in length for transport. Here is how the photo cabin part that will hold the black background curtain and the LED lights is coming along:

The stand made of aluminum pipes tightened together with a thin wire rope on the inside turned out a little wobblier that I had hoped for (mainly due to the elasticity of the wooden ring), but it still bears more weight than it needs to, so I am satisfied for now.

For the tower part that will support the other side of the ring and house the monitor, camera, control panel, computer, and plotter, I am still exploring several possibilities.