Phone case modeling

A project log for Bluetooth Gamepad Phone Case

A bluetooth gamepad integrated into a phone case.

MaaveMaave 12/04/2017 at 20:480 Comments

Phone case design time. I'll be 3d printing this, first in ABS, then in TPU, and eventually using it as a daily driver. I chose Fusion 360 this time to make it easier to edit the model. This is sooo much better than Sketchup, doesn't royally screw the model when I apply fillets, and it allows me to suppress feature later in development.

Here's the best tutorial I found. The only thing he forgot to mention is the camera controls (middle mouse to pan, shift+middle to orbit).

Here's a supplementary tutorial following the designer's natural workflow

Screenshot of the case:

The "test" version with top lip removed so that I can print in hard ABS and a filament-saving space:

This will be printed on a CEL Robox using ABS. If the test print goes well then I'll print in TPU. I group bought a printer with friends but it's currently down. I'm waiting for my friend to calibrate the bed after installing a new sticky print bed. We'll still have to mod the feed system to work with TPU.