A project log for Armed Microscope

An Arduino controlled robotic arm with a USB microscope using the Arduino YUN and uFactory robotic arm.

J. KhaJ. Kha 08/22/2014 at 05:560 Comments

So far I am in the proof of concept stage. I have taken my uArm's original controller off, and made sure the Yun is going to fit. One of the posts is a little close to the usb port, but that is okay, it is still usable. I got mjpg-streamer working on the Yun, very quickly, and took a of a microSD card.

The streamed video is unfortunately a bit jittery, but it works, and I think I will be able to improve it. Going forward, I need to actually mount the YUN and the camera on the uArm, and use extenders, found here or here to get the uArm shield above the ethernet and USB ports on the Yun. I may need slightly longer standoffs for the acrylic cover, but I am not sure yet. After that I will work on software for the YUN to control the robotic arm with the mjpeg controls and change the height of the microscope to focus the camera on a certain piece. at a certain zoom.

Long term goals for this project from most desired to it would be nice: