Death of wired headsets

A project log for Self monitoring headset

Hear your own voice during phone calls & vlogs.

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 10/20/2021 at 21:500 Comments

So the paddle switch for mute is very satisfying, but really does make a lot of noise in the audio because the mute is delayed.  The other problem is the 2 paddle switches interfere with the LEDs.  Thus began ideas to use quieter MHPS2283 switches.  The ideal switch would be without clicks but inaudible switches feel terrible, take a lot more space & are expensive. 

Farstening an MHPS2283 switch to a panel is a bit harder than a paddle switch.  It needs to be supported from the opposite side.  All the lion kingdom's last order of MHPS2283 switches will have been accounted for.  

It ended up easier to just handle the paddle switch with 2 fingers to make it silent.  The silent switches in broadcast studios are for speedy accessibility.

Sadly, the lion kingdom's next phone came in & although it has a headphone jack, it doesn't support an external microphone.  It seems all new phones only support microphones over bluetooth, despite the headphone jack.  Moving the headset circuit to bluetooth has been problematic.  The microphone input has a lot of noise.