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Recording the best headset audio in a portable form factor

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 02/17/2021 at 20:330 Comments

Around 3 years after lions started developing the vlogging mic, the industry finally introduced the same concept at over 10x the price.  The industry offerings don't have any software interface, just physical buttons & no VU meters.  They're a bit bulkier, using TRS connectors & AA batteries.

The mane thing they started pushing was 32 bit floating point.  They're recording on simultaneous ADC's with different gain levels & fusing the output much like an HDR photo.  There's still a limit to dynamic range, imposed by the microphone's internal preamp & the bias voltage.  Only 20 more years until Japanese camera makers finally discover 32 bit floating point.

The generalplus has only ever been useful at maximum gain, so 32 bit floating point wouldn't buy anything. A way to start recording & adjust headphone volume without a phone would be useful.  Pairing the phone over wifi, firing up the browser, & worrying if wifi is leaking into the audio is extremely slow.