EV Battery Management Controller

Develop an arduino-based controller for BMS units (Tesla, Chevy, BMW, Nissan, etc.) for use in auto, marine and residential applications.

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Develop an Arduino-based controller that works with various Battery Management Systems (e.g. Tesla Model S/X, Tesla Roadster, BMW i, Chevy Bolt, Nissan Leaf, SmartCar FourTwo ED, etc.) for use in 48V-400V automotive, marine and residential applications.

Use Cases:
Charge Protection - High/Low Voltage and Temperature, and Overcurrent Protection
Discharge Protection - High/Low Voltage and Temperature, and Overcurrent Protection
High Voltage Isolation Detection
Battery Pack Coolant Leak Detection
Maintenance Protection/HVIL Detection
Individual Module and Cell Diagnostics - Temperature, Voltage, Current, Capacity, Depth of Discharge and Internal Resistance
Fault Management, Alerts and Logging
Service History

CAN Bus/Device Interfaces:
Battery Management System
DC-DC Converter
Battery Pack Contactors and High Voltage Connection/Disconnection
Battery Charger
Battery Pack Cooling and Heating System - Coolant Pumps, Fans and Heaters
J1772 Charge Inlet/Charging Station

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Kevin Sharpe wrote 01/12/2018 at 17:42 point

similar project on DIY Electric that's making good progress :-)

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Chad Maglaque wrote 12/14/2017 at 05:16 point

indeed, am familiar with the efforts there.  the goal here is to expand on those efforts and create a generalized Battery Management  Controller, similar to the GEVCU project that works with multiple Battery Management Systems in an open, testable, verifiable way.  More eyes make for more robust code, especially something as safety critical as a Battery Management Controller - GeBMCU?

in fact, the goal is to be able to run the Battery Management Controller on hardware available from EVTV - they offer a number of components with some great features and specs.


- Chad

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jolandoja wrote 12/13/2017 at 15:40 point

Interessing project ..

at least for the Tesla Batteries such an arduino based device is ready for use ... see EVTV

regards j

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