The Custom Board

A project log for Holiday 8-bit ^2 LED Ornament

An 8x8 LED matrix animated ornament powered by an ATtiny85

ToddTodd 12/19/2017 at 08:590 Comments

I cut a 70mm x 30mm PTH breadboard in half. Bent the long-leaded headers to 90degrees. The second header is for the DC-DC buck converter.

I didn't really have a plan on how to wire this I just kept referring to the breadboard and putting parts in different locations and orientations until it just "fit" best. I marked VCC with red and GND with black just to make sure I didn't release any magic smoke. As I mentioned before I again tried to connect the button incorrectly, thus the second (shorter) ground wire. When will I learn?

It was a PITA soldering this... it would be nice to DIY a custom PCB.