Having what past lions wanted

A project log for Ultimate 4 channel audio recorder

Portable, 2 channel, balanced input, 24 bit 96khz recording

lion-mclionheadlion mclionhead 06/19/2018 at 07:310 Comments

This gadget hasn't gotten the use hoped for.  The teenage lion of many decades ago dreamed of having an open reel tape teck & sounding like Van Cliburn.   The closest he ever got was the mighty Technics RS-BR465, but that Yamaha C3 still sounded terrible.  The biggest leap toward the Van Cliburn sound came from getting better piano teachers, years of practice, better instruments, & digital editing.

Now the lion kingdom made better gear than anything that existed decades ago.  Given what this circuit revealed about the noise introduced by just millimeters of wire & any single ended analog signal, any tape head or stylus is a gigantic radio receiver.  There's no way any open reel tape deck or record player could ever compete with even a 16 bit digital system at 48khz.  They can only color the sound & introduce a musical form of noise.