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frankstripodfrankstripod 07/20/2015 at 08:315 Comments

How Awesome is Hackaday for Collaborating and Getting Help?

First: I won the Show Us Your Human Interface; Win Laser Cutting Time contest: a $100 gift card for Ponoko laser cutting service!

ANYONE COULD HAVE WON! There were only 28 entries in a thirty prize contest.

Second: My prototype buttons are being printed thanks to @Alpha Charlie and his Mini Kossel Delta 3D printer. It is so amazing to see a design go from virtual to reality.

The first buttons are being printed with NinjaFlex Water Semi-transparent. Under normal light, they appear white and in need some fine tuning. That is being worked on; more on that soon.

The back light test was fantastic.

In the dark and with a dim green LED.

Here is the Mini Kossel in action.

Auto calibration.

There are more videos about the printer build linked on @Alpha Charlie's profile page, just below the mandatory Tesla Coil every mad scientist should have.


davedarko wrote 07/22/2015 at 10:12 point

How did I miss that? Must have been busy working for once :D Congratulations and thx for the skull on my #USB cable tester - you seem to have plenty yourself here ;) (bad pun :D) 

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frankstripod wrote 07/22/2015 at 10:28 point

Welcome back :)

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Craig Hissett wrote 07/22/2015 at 09:37 point

Jesus, frankstripod - your progress is astounding!

Glad you won a prize for this - I wish I had put my switcher in for it as well as my PI Video player!

I've just cashed in my Ponoko coupon ysterday for my Video player's enclosure - can't wait until it's shipped! Once I've assembled that I will be turning my attentions to getting my switcher up to scratch :-)

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frankstripod wrote 07/22/2015 at 10:27 point

Thanks. Can't wait to see pictures of the case for

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Craig Hissett wrote 07/22/2015 at 10:46 point

Ah, thanks buddy! I am going to burst if I don't get it early; got to wait until 8th August for an estimated delivery! I wished I lived in America though; over half of the $100 coupon went on shipping... :-/

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