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Cassette tape replacement for old 8-bit machines

sad_kensad_ken 08/27/2014 at 10:040 Comments

I know.... another log posted on the same day, but i did all this work last week and have only just got round to posting...

File Handling: 

Initially i'd started with the standard Arduino SD Library, which worked fine until i tried to implement directories.  Turned out to be a complete pain, so that library was quickly dropped in favor of the SDfat library.  After a handful of tweaks and workarounds I made it back to where i had left off with the SD library and onto moving into a directory.  Unfortunately neither library has an easy way to move back to the parent folder. 

Currently i've glossed over this problem by making the code recognise a extensionless file called ROOT which takes you back to the root folder on the SD card.  You could have multiple levels of directories on the SD card, but until i can spend time on recording the route to the current directory, you'll end up back at the root folder each time.