frame mostly assembled

A project log for BuildLog Laser 2.x build

This week* i will be mostly putting together a 2.x laser

charliexcharliex 02/21/2015 at 21:320 Comments

lightobject saturday shipped my drivers , once i realised the smoothieboard was not even gonna come close (without external drivers, and then i feel its a waste of a board). lightobect have been great to me so far.

rear section (doge and frame)

  1. i pulled off the front pulley so i could take the trucks off and put them together upside down, much easier

  2. left side (no hackaday io i don't want list numbers)

    same with left side.

    mounted with the laser head, don't forget to put this on before the trucks

    mounted , oh for flips sake HTML editor bugger off with your numbers.......

  3. < O_o

    motor mounted


Si 25mm mirrors

in a box.

ok belts to install, some alignment and wire up the motors.