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Hacking MorningStar

Morning.StarMorning.Star 05/11/2019 at 03:370 Comments

I really cant even dignify this lunacy except in the mans own words.

Yes, you are reading that right.

In order to not break one regulation, Social Services are sending a taxi to pick Bea up at tea-time and take her to a care home where the skeleton staff in attendance there can give her a bath.

[I dont like to add to the pressure on this already overwhelmed service; while the staff are attending to Bea they arent attending to the residents.]

I also dont care for the thought of Bea then coming home in her pyjamas on public transport to have her evening meal.

And doesnt it prompt one to wonder who is providing the rest of the support, unpaid, illegally, against his wishes, and at the disgust of his peers?

I left a mesage for Igor.