Motor Mount

A project log for Maytag Neptune Motor Control

The PWM signal going to the motor speed control board is basically a square wave with a variable pulse width to control the speed.

SteveSteve 01/22/2018 at 17:000 Comments

This motor turned out to be difficult to mount due to the odd shape and lack of mounting holes.  I cut off the grooved pulley from the shaft in order to be able to mount a standard 5/8" V belt pulley but I had to ream out the hole in the pulley to 17mm.  I also cut off the 2 big tabs that stick out on the side to get them out of the way.  I fashioned a motor mount that will give me a flat base to bolt the motor on with by using a swamp cooler motor base from Home Depot that sells for $10.50 and cutting out a flat plate to go over the front of the motor that bolts on with the one mounting bolt.  The 4 bolts in the motor don't appear very strong and were not long enough to mount it with so I just cut out holes to allow them clearance through the plate.  It's not shown in the photo but there is going to also be a U shaped clamp around the back of the motor to hold it securely in place.