Musician's Road Box with 9 space rack

Rolling wooden box holds pre-wired musical gear for easy setup. Includes a mixer shelf and a 9 space rack for modules.

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My little sister Tina Belmont was playing a lot of music shows in 2007, with a lot of equipment, but only had a very limited time for setup. So we designed this road box to hold her music mixer, effects boxes, direct box, a DVD player for backing tracks, wireless microphones, etc.
It has a nine space rack mount section and a shelf for a mixer and other equipment.
The whole thing seals up to an impenetrable cube of ruggedness, and it has handles on the side for lifting, and wheels on the bottom for rolling. The top, and front come off to provide access to the mixer and the equipment rack, and the back comes off to allow cables to be run to the house sound.
The whole thing can be cut from a single piece of plywood, as shown in the included diagram. All pieces were glued and bolted for maximum strength. The handles and corner hardware were sourced from Speaker City in Burbank, and the wheels came from All Electronics in Van Nuys.

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