Final Instrument Design Ideas

A project log for The Open Woodwind Project

An Electronic Aerophone with focus on usability as an instrument.

J. M. HopkinsJ. M. Hopkins 09/23/2014 at 17:140 Comments

Here is the basic idea for the final constructed instrument and base station. It will be constructed of wood with a nice wood veneer to make the grain pop and be unique. It will also look like a wooden instrument add opposed to the plastic EWIs and such. Overall it's a hexagonal shape with a bell.

I've changed the mouthpiece design to something similar to an oboe as opposed to the bassoon idea I had originally been thinking. This allows for easier sensor integration for the neck bend sensor.

CC input sensors include breath, bite, neck bend, IR distance, and thumb pressure. This gives me a lot of input to play around with.

The base station shows feedback from the instrument and let's you change settings on the fly. Patches can be loaded from the instrument from specific fingering, but patch CC, fingering modes, etc are controlled per patch on the base station.