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RGB LED array based bedside clock with auto-brightness. Future features include auto-sync time and WiFi connectivity.

david-hopkinsDavid Hopkins 09/22/2014 at 21:541 Comment

OK, after a few pitfalls, i managed to get i2c working ok, had to increase the buffer from 32bytes to 192 in the library so i could send a modules-worth of data in one hit.

this shows a mega hooked up to the colorduino, it just generates random data and pushes it over i2c to the display. once the other colrduino turns up i will be able to daisychain them :-)

in the meantime ill be working on the details of constructing a frame of data on the master device. hope i have enough space, should have calculated that really :-/ ah well.


diegosaito wrote 05/22/2015 at 12:43 point

Good Morning David Hopkins.
My name is Diego. I'm Brazilian.
You con pass the schematic electric of connection Arduino to Colorduino?
You control the colorduino with commands direct Arduino? How?
Talk to me for e-mail. 
Thanks !

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