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A project log for USBiano Mk. I

Hacked-apart Casio + AT90USB162 + LUFA = Simple PC Piano

RunnerPackRunnerPack 10/07/2014 at 03:520 Comments

I know… Thurs was quite a few days ago. I did get the headers then, and I even used them to rig up the new cables the same day. As you can see in the spiffy new photo, I decided to use separate cables for the columns and rows; one 8-pin, and one 4-pin, respectively. This was useful when I moved the rows to port C as a test (which, unfortunately, didn't solve any of my problems). Since this isn't the final resting-place of either the keyboard or the dev. board, it'll also make the reuse of either one much easier.

On the software side, I flipped the keymap the right way round, so that part's working better. I also solved a problem I was having which I didn't mention in the last log entry. Every key was sending a keystroke, but the entire right half of the keyboard was sending the same keystroke. I thought this was just a couple of row lines not making connection, and it would be fixed when I added the new cables/plugs. When I tried it out after the hardware update, it was still happening. I eventually tracked it down to the compiler defaulting to a 16-bit data type, when I need a 32-bit. So, that's fixed, and I get a different keystroke for every key, but the "rotated one column to the left" problem is still there.

Here are some things I've checked:

This leads me to the inevitable conclusion that there is something amiss in the software, but I cannot figure out what it could be. If I'm shifting the wrong number of places, it seems like the "upper" column bit would be lost, not magically wrapped around to the "lower" column! If it was an "off by one" error in the switch-to-keycode map, the whole keyboard would be shifted, not each individual row! It's maddening! (And it's even more maddening knowing that it's something extremely simple that someone with more experience will spot immediately…)

Anyway, that's where I am now. I could start using it now, if I readjusted the key map to compensate for the key rotation, but I really want to know why it's doing that, rather than just cludge a work-around. I'll work on getting the code up on github, ASAP.