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Simple Small MSP430 Value Line Breakout Boad

lageoslageos 10/15/2014 at 17:230 Comments

After some time waiting for my PCB (got it via dirty pcbs) I was able to start the first project: a simple temperature controler.

A connected DS18B20 sensor determines the temperature and the microcontroler controls an external relais and subsequentially a peltier element.

Currently in development is to set the processor in low power mode i.e. use interrupts and pwm for controling the relais.

Next steps are to use a 8 pole dip switch to set the target temperature (fits nice in the breakout and avoid the need of an display) and uprgrade to a MOSFET or SSR.

But it already works for keeping the coffee warm :)

If you're interested the code (code composer studio project) as well as the board layout is available at github (encountered no problems yet which makes me proud for the first eagle desing I made).

You can even order the board dircetly via:

Although I have to admit the silkscreen is not very informative and I would also flip perhaps the order for the voltage regulator.