• Finalized

    Henrik Alexandersson04/29/2014 at 20:57 0 comments

    After some redesign of the schematics and layout, adding a crystal and clean upp some PCB layout errors. The Blue Cobra is finally done and working. 

  • PCB arrives and assembly started

    Henrik Alexandersson03/29/2014 at 19:28 0 comments

    Got the PCB from OSH-Park, and i started assembly. Already notice two errors with my layout, The battery connecter is turen 180 degres and i missed to connect a 3.3V line. Both issues were easy to solve with a jumper wire and an offplaced battery connector. Next mission i to see if the CPU is alive. I never used a 10pin JTAG with my ST-link before hopefully it will go smooth.


    The jumper wire is visible right under C8, and the BATT connector is not pretty but i works for now.

  • Recived parts today

    Henrik Alexandersson03/15/2014 at 18:08 0 comments

    Not much has happened. Got mail from OSH Park that my board was made and that it was shipped to Sweden, guess it will apear in my mail box in a couple of weeks. Also recived all parts i ordered from Farnell and Electrokit yesterday for my project.

  • Prototype and PCB layout

    Henrik Alexandersson03/08/2014 at 18:56 0 comments

    Prototype is working on bench, connect over bluetooth, answer phone, mic, speaker and dial with rotary. I'm using an STM32F103 development board to send commands to the Bluetooth module over UART, the STM32 is also encoding the pulse from the rotary dialer and watching the dialer and board switch on the phone.

    The big raster board is only for the mic filter. It only consist of some R and C:s, I only had some SMD components at home and a big dev board but it works fine. Could use the old mic and speaker rom the phone. 

    Yesterday i finnished the PCB layout in eagle and sent the board file to 

    https://oshpark.com/  so I'm expecting the board to arrive in a couple of weeks, so i can continue my work.

    I downgraded the CPU from an high density to a low density device from ST so I'm excpeting some change in the software when I hook this board up compare to my dev board.