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A project log for Analog CPU Gauge

An analog gauge to show your computer's CPU utilization

Adam FabioAdam Fabio 01/20/2014 at 02:551 Comment

​I designed my PCB in my favorite software - Diptrace. The motor footprint from switec's datasheet was missing a few key dimensions. It took a bit of measuring with a caliper and calculating hole sizes, but I was able to get all the dimensions correct on the first rev

I also installed some flyback diodes. Each time the motor's coil is switched on and off, there is an inductive spike created. 8 diodes direct these spikes to the power rails, protecting the output pins of the microcontroller driving the motor. I added a standard .100 header, some all important mounting holes, and sent the design off to OSH park. 


Mike Szczys wrote 01/21/2014 at 06:19 point
Why did you need 8 flybacks?

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