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A project log for IoT Ethernet Sensor using Power over Ethernet

This solution has a number of unique benefits, a sensor platform with webserver, powered over Ethernet, accessible and programmed by browser

deandobdeandob 03/01/2015 at 13:140 Comments

Just a short note to say I have the following working:

- OLED display interface which shows a % from 0 to 99
- Sockets server (for receiving enquires)
- Sockets client (for sending updates)
- DHCP and DNS lookup

And something rather cool - Audio recorder and playback. The PIC will take line level audio input and stream it over TCP, as well as receive audio (8Khz sampling 8 bit, voice suitable) over ethernet TCP and produce a line level audio output using the PWM module.

Next is to try the HTTP server, and use MQTT-SN.