Sorry about not posting progress lately

A project log for IoT Ethernet Sensor using Power over Ethernet

This solution has a number of unique benefits, a sensor platform with webserver, powered over Ethernet, accessible and programmed by browser

deandobdeandob 09/13/2015 at 08:210 Comments

I am going to redo the PCB to reduce its size and fix some of the original errors. Size reduction will mean I won't expose as many of the IO pins from the micro but as a board to host a sensor that shouldn't matter.

I will also be making a variation of the board to power a raspberry pi instead of the microchip pic, and that board will have a class D amp as well as a couple of sensors. I have a working design from an older project (using the TPA3116 TI class D amp) that will be reused.

In the meantime, do post any questions.