Git, Casing update, custom PCB

A project log for UV Exposure Unit

UV Exposure Unit reproducable in every Hackerspace with a Laser-Cutter.

Alex365Alex365 11/26/2014 at 17:130 Comments

While my initial goal was to create a UV Exposure Unit to produce a custom PCB for a beamer, which I have achieved, it's now time to make the entire unit available for everyone.

I have set up a Git repository for the project. I will upload the .dxf files for the casing and the code, that I've already uploaded here.

Furthermore I'm planning to create a custom PCB for the UV Exposure Unit. While a Arduino is quite nice, a custom PCB saves space inside the box and makes it more compact.

EDIT: DXF-Files uploaded. I'm still searching for a proper license for the project...